What Happens With Opioid Withdrawal?


People who suffer from severe, acute, and chronic pain are prescribed with opiates to relieve them. These painkillers include oxycodone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and others. These medications require a prescription because they can be addictive to people. A person who suddenly stops using opioids without tapering on the dose can develop opioid withdrawal.

What can opioid withdrawal do to your body? Basically, it is the opposite of what a person feels when using opioids.


Opiates can make muscles feel relaxed and heavy. That is why a part of opioid withdrawal is tremors and muscle pain. Eventually, these tremors subside over time.

Flu-like Symptoms

You can also develop flu-like symptoms such as fever, body malaise, sweating, and chills. Conventional treatments of these include over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol. Tepid sponging can reduce body temperature through evaporation. You can also increase your oral fluid intake to avoid dehydration due to sweating.

tummyNausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea

The number one concern with these symptoms is dehydration. Once you lose water in your body, you also lose electrolytes. These electrolytes need to be balanced because it controls your muscle response and even your heartbeat. Although this could be a normal reaction to your body, the severity of symptoms could vary from one person to the other. You can use rehydration salts to replace the lost electrolytes in our body.

Difficulty Of Sleepingblack

People who use opiate will feel drowsy all the time. Although this is a common effect, they find it challenging to get a good quality sleep. To improve their sleep, a fixed sleeping schedule should be established.

When Should You Call A Doctor?

It is recommended to consult with your doctor for the right medical management, regular laboratory tests, and diagnostics. Do your symptoms disrupt with your activities of daily living? You might want to talk with your doctor to control the symptoms you’re experiencing. During your consult, also inform your doctor of all the medications you’re taking in order to adjust it accordingly.

Support Groups

Opioid withdrawal is such a challenging and stressful phase to overcome. Symptoms last over a month, and it could be frustrating if you’re going to do it alone. You have to have support from all your loved ones to remind you to achieve your goal. If you are worried about going through these symptoms alone, you can seek comfort in groups like Narcotics Anonymous. You can go through therapies with people who are undergoing the same scenario as yours.…

Simple Ways to Go About Losing Weight


Overweight people try all kinds of ways to shade the extra weight but to no avail. What you should understand if you have a weight problem is that you can quickly lose the excess weight if you change your lifestyle. However, there are those who do not readily see the results of their lifestyle changes. For those people the best remedies you can get that can transform your life is supplements.

For those who have never heard of supplements, you need to do some proper research on these remedies. Supplements have now become the best option to help burn fats from your body, but you also need to exercise and observe your diet. If you want the best supplements that can transform your body then written here is how you can go about getting the best.


pills in glassProbably the best discovery of this century is the Internet. Now with Google, you can find all the information that you will like to know about supplements and how they help in burning fats and reducing their accumulation. Google will also give you the luxury of selecting supplements from different companies. To make it better, some of these companies will deliver them at your place at no extra cost.

Read Reviews

With more information now readily available, it is easy now to be spoilt with choices. That is why if you search for supplements online, you will also have to know how to filter the information you get. And the best way to filter is through reading comments and posts written by people who have undergone the experience you are going through and made it to the other side. Reading reviews will give you a clear picture of what you should do and expect.

Visit a Nutritionist

losing fats and gaining musclesA visit to a nutritionist can offer you an excellent opportunity to learn more about supplements and how you can use them. However, you need to do your research and find a nutritionist who is competent and qualified. You should remember that there are some who have not updated themselves and learned about these new products that are effective and helping thousands of people.

Choosing Supplements

On your search for supplements, you need to understand the different supplements available in the market today. If you have not yet realized, there are two types of supplements, and they are natural and synthetic supplements. Natural supplements are the best since they have zero aftermath ailments.…

Benefits Of Shilajit


The Shilajit is a tar-like resin substance that is used for health and medicinal purposes. The word Shilajit is an Indian word in Sanskrit which means rock-invincible. It is collected in the Himalayan mountains when the sun comes out and melts the snow allowing it to be picked. The substance is formed from the decomposition of plants over the centuries and the activity of special microorganisms. The substance is collected and dried then ground into fine powder. Shilajit is said to have many health benefits, and some are still yet being discovered.

Shilajit Benefits

Have some properties that help in anti-aging

It is said that shilajit has some properties that are able to slow down the aging process in a perwoman in swingson in various ways. The substance helps keep the calcium in the bones, helping one have strong, healthy bones that the calcium is not being lost due to different reasons but is intact. This helps one not have weak bones and therefore, be strong, healthy and able to engage.

Has some Anti-disease properties

Shilajit has natural antioxidants and properties that assist the immune system and keep it strong and also help keep away diseases. It is also beneficial for people who suffer from a range of ailments due to the nutrients it has to provide. This includes iron, magnesium, calcium, selenium, fulvic acid, and magnesium. People suffering from stress, diabetes, obesity, digestive disorders, arthritis, nervous disorders, asthma, edema, anemia and other diseases can benefit from using shilajit.

Has physical benefits

For people who use shilajit, they will be able to notice that their physical performance will increase. After a workout, there is improved recovery, brain function, and physical weakness. It also helps increase stamina. It has also been used to increase the libido and performance in partners.

Blood sugar regulation

The use of Shilajit helps to promote the regeneration of pancreas cells. These cells help to maintain healthy levels of glucose in the body and this, in turn, helps to keep the diabetes levels in check and regulated.

Has anti-inflammatory properties

Shilajit is considered to be a useful anti-inflammatory agent due to the chemicals that it contains. This makes it a good substance to use by people who have tissue damage. It also helps in the healing process.

Finally, Shilajit is rich with many traces of different minerals that are beneficial to the person who consumes it.…

Advantages Of Sleeping On A Mattress On The Floor


Some people might think that spreading the mattress on the floor and sleeping on it is crazy. What they don’t understand are the benefits that accrue from sleeping on a flat floor using the right mattress. Here’s what the experts say about the benefits of sleeping on mattress on the floor.

Assists maintain the right posture

white Mattress

Sleeping on a mattress on the floor allows one to attain the right body posture and gives one their natural sleeping position. This allows the tension built in the body to be dissolved. This allows an individual to have an upright position when sleeping while at the same when standing up or walking. This is because sleeping on the floor flattens your spine and aligns the body’s bone make up.

Assist reduce lower back pain

By sleeping on the floor assists lengthen and straighten the spine. This serves to rectify the lower back aches and increases the possibility of getting the spine in the proper alignment. This also goes a long way to enhance and protect the spine’s health thereby facilitating the proper functioning of the body’s nervous system.

Assists to align shoulders and hips

Interestingly, sleeping on the floor allowdetecting and solving shoulder and hip misalignment. It enables rectifying the bone alignment around the shoulders, upper and lowers back, chest, forearm, collar bone, shoulder bones, the head and the neck base regions.

Enhances mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Sleeping on the floor is quite relaxing, and one casts out all the cares of the world. This helps reduce stress levels in one’s mind creating an inner peace that results in the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Moreover, the sleeping position signals to the brain that one is happy which triggers the realism of hormones that boost optimism and bring about better functioning of body organs.

Creates healthy sleeping patterns and habits

Sleeping on the floor on a comfortable mattress may develop improved sleeping patterns and habits. This ensures that one does not keep turning or wriggling in bed and can take a comfortable sleep position and gain sleep effectively. Moreover, it assists to limit sleep behavior such as snoring and drooling.

Affordable and practical

Mattress in the room

Given the benefits of sleeping on the floor on one’s health making the decision to sleep on the floor on a comfortable mattress id practical, inexpensive and convenient. Also, sleeping on the floor is worry free and gives the mind a rest from conventional sleeping norms and allows one to explore new health possibilities.



The roles of a family dentist in San Ramon, CA


Dental health is an aspect of our well-being that we should pay close attention to just like what we do with our physical health and fitness. In fact, little children should be taught how to take care of their teeth and gums as early as 2 or 3 years old as this will allow them to grow up knowing how important dental health is.

In order for an individual to achieve optimal dental health, his family should help him out. It is within the family that good dental habits should start being practiced. Parents should teach their kids the proper way to brush their teeth and educate them when it comes to foods that will help make their teeth and gums healthy. It is also essential that parents and their children visit their family dentist on a regular basis.

Family dentist in San Ramon, CA

doctorWith this clinic, you can be sure that your dental health will be taken care of the way it should be. You won’t have to worry about dental issues that can affect the quality of life that you have. You can smile confidently and eat without any hassle.

Here are the things that your dentist in San Ramon, CA can do for you and your loved ones:

Dental check-up

Even if it seems like there are no issues with your teeth, it is still advisable that you pay your family dentist a regular visit, preferably twice every year. What the dentist does is he will thoroughly check your teeth and see if there are any indications of tooth cavities. The same is true with your gums. Such problems can be eliminated if they are caught in their early stages.

Teeth cleaning and whitening

As time passes by, it is inevitable that the whiteness of your teeth will fade away. They can even turn yellowish especially if you are not careful with the foods that you eat, or if you smoke cigarettes. A family dentist can clean your teeth and perform a whitening procedure, so you will be able to restore their whiteness.

Simple tooth extraction

white teethIf, for instance, you have a serious tooth cavity problem and the tooth can no longer be saved, then the family dentist will have to extract it. After which, he will provide you with some suggestions as to how you can fill in the gap. He will let you choose from the different dental solutions.…

Top Tips When Buying Stand up Paddle Board

Paddle Board

People who cherish adventure must always be prepared to experience it in full, particularly through the use of various accessories. Depending on the adventure you decide to take, buying the necessary gear is the most prudent decision to enhance your planned activities. Stand up paddling is a unique part of your trip to quiet water regions, particularly when you must enjoy the tranquility. Alternatively, it exposes one to the best option to learn about other people’s culture based on the water regions. Should you decide to try the river this time, then the paddle board ratings will help in selecting the best in the market. Additionally, the following tips will come in handy.

Top tips when buying stand up paddle boards

The use of the stand-up paddle board

woman in black bikiniSome boards are for kids while others are meant to adults.Therefore, one must understand what type of board they want. Manufacturers make them different for a purpose and particularly safety and ease of use. Others are made for amateurs while others are for experts. Be sure to buy one intended for a particular purpose.

The material

The SUP boards are usually made of different materials which offer the best floating capabilities. The plastic materials are the best as they are also durable and not destroyed by water like wood. Both the board and other accessories like the paddle sticks needs to be of a high-quality material to make sure they offer the best services. Buying from a reliable seller will usually be the best idea for anyone who wants high-quality paddle board.

The weight

A tool heavy SUP board will pose the risk of sinking especially when used by heavy people. On the other hand, a too light Sup board may compromise the quality. Make sure the one you choose offers the optimum weight convenient to hold any person without strain. Most buyers are keen about this feature for safety reasons.

The price

woman stand on kayakPeople operate under different budgets, and this limits them to what they buy. While buying a SUP board, it is thus, prudent to do research until you get the best board for your budget. Different sellers may vary in price they offer with some offering amazing discounts. You may be surprised to buy a board worth more at a lower price.


Buying stand up paddle boards for your next river adventure is greatly simplified by the above tips. Follow them to succeed in your purchase today.…

Vocal health care for singers

woman in front of mic

Singers need to consider the health of their vocals. As a singer, the vocals are your main asset, and you need to make sure that you keep the health of your vocals. By keeping your vocals healthy, it will be possible to explore your full singing potential. The reason why some singers go for vocal surgery is due to problems with their vocals. The surgery is meant to enhance the vocals and help the artists to improve their sound. So, what does vocalist mean? A vocalist is an expert singer who has the vocal prowess. By taking care of your vocals, you will be able to produce quality sound.

How to take care of your vocals

Drink a lot of water

It is important to drink a lot of water if you are a singer. When practicing or singing, you need to make sure that you drink water during the breaks. Drinking water during the singing breaks is important to keep the vocals moist. The role of water is to flush out mucus from the vocals because it irritates. When performing in dry environments, it is also important to drink a lot of water to prevent your vocals from drying.

woman singing

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol can damage your vocal cords. If you want to avoid problems in future, then you need to take care of your vocals today. With smoking and alcohol, it is impossible to see the effects right now, but you will see the effects in future. The reason why smoking is dangerous to the vocals is that it dries the throat. Alcohol also has the same effect, and this brings a lot of negative effects.

Get enough rest

You should always get enough rest to allow the vocals to rest. When sleeping, your vocals will be at ease, and this will allow them to rejuvenate. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep per day is the only way to allow your vocal muscles to relax.

Don’t overuse your vocals

This might look like an impossible thing to do, but it is important to avoid overusing your vocals. There are several things that you can do to make sure that you don’t overuse your vocals. For instance, always make sure that you avoid screaming when it is not necessary. Screaming strains the vocals and this causes problems to your vocals.

man singing

Avoid any vocal sprays

There are sprays available on the market that claim to improve your vocals. The truth is that you should not be cheated into buying any sprays for vocals. Don’t try anything on your vocals without professional medical check up.…

Ways To Stop Thinking And Start Meditating

Meditation may appear like a thought-wrestling war. However, you are not alone; a lot of people even experienced meditators are faced by intrusive thoughts. It is advisable to start with Binaural Beats: Hemi-Sync, Holosync, OmHarmonics? A Review. The following are tips meant to help you move past such thoughts and get into deep meditation.

How to start meditating

Get ready

It is important to man in meditation note that preparation is vital for successfully meditation. You can spend at least 20 minutes to write your worries and thoughts before you begin meditating. You should have them down in paper. There is no fancy writing, just write down your thoughts as they come. You will come to discover that crazy ones are very helpful, no matter how crazy and irrational way.  You should wad them off and throw them away. In this way, your brain has just released the thoughts. The brain processes words and offers them a unique perspective.

Get friendly

When a person is prepared, you thoughts will just come. There are no worries – you do not need to fight them. Every person has intrusive thoughts and end up focused on the stuff you are fighting. Just smile and remind yourself that life is normal. It is true thoughts do happen and meditation is no different. It simply means that you are doing the right thing.

Get intentional

You need to look at the way you are breathing. Be aware of the way it happens and how it feels. Do some rounds of breathing and notice the way it feels. You should avoid doing lots of rounds as you can fall asleep.

Get spiritual

With meditation, it is possible to experience a spiritual transformation. It is possible to release every thought to mind of God. In this way, you can deepen your meditation. You will notice a frustrating, distracting, or frightening, lift it up.

Get support

This lets you tomeditating relax with meditation. When you learn to meditate, your peace cannot be disturbed. The guided imagery does help you to focus your thoughts and even deepen your meditation. It is advisable to try it. The experience which you will get may surprise. As you start to refocus, intrusive thoughts will come as they are just part of a person’s meditation journey.

It is also advisable to seek the services of licensed psychologist with a great sense of meditation. He or she should have experience in meditation, spirituality, sleep, and health. Moreover, he or she should be conversant with life enrichment methods.…

Why Is Kung Fu Training Excellent For Children?

people karate

It is highly recommended for everyone to engage in sports and other physical activities, as doing so will help maintain optimal health. It would be good if children, at their young age, will be exposed to healthy activities, so they will take this as they grow up. Aside from playing, running, walking, there are sports that children can partake in.

Kung Fu Training

If you are looking for an excellent competitive sport that you can have your child participate in, you might want to look into martial arts. Some people may think that this is only for adults, but in reality, it is not. Children, as young as five years old or even younger, can partake in this sport.

One of the favorite martial arts of many people is Kung Fu. It is very challenging, and it will require an individual to move fast. With the best trainer, you will have the assurance that your kid will be able to enjoy all the health benefits of the said sport.

kids in karate class

The Health Benefits Of Kung Fu

Aside from the black belt that your child will attain once he or she has mastered this type of martial arts, he or she can also reap its health benefits such as:

Physical fitness

We all know that exercise is good for the health. With Kung Fu training, your child will be physically active, which works great in the prevention of obesity among children. This sport is a full body workout since there are a lot of movements involved.

If a child is physically active, he will be able to prevent many diseases that can afflict anyone who is inactive. These include issues with the cardiovascular system.


Most children who do not partake in sports activities tend to be inferior as they grow up. They are not confident about themselves and their abilities. But with Kung Fu training, your child will become confident eventually. In fact, this is one of the top benefits of this type of training.

karate girl


Kung Fu training also teaches a child to be well-disciplined. Of course, everyone is aiming for that black belt, and that will never happen if there is no self-discipline. This will then serve a challenge for the kids to reach their goals.…

Top Qualities Of The Best Football Cleats

baseball players

Football fan must have come across the words football cleats or football boots for a layman. This gear determines how effective one will be when playing the football on the pitch. The players take their time to select the best boots for convenience. While some of then may not quite understand the exact features that make a good football cleat, they will not hesitate to comment whenever they wear a good one.

Qualities of the best football cleats

Made of the best top material

shoesLeather is common and one of the best material to make the upper part of the football cleat. Since it can easily breathe, the footballers will be comfortable all through the match without sweating challenges. Additionally, it molds well to the shape of the feet allowing players to take off, stop or turn to any angle without straining the feet joints.

The sole with cleats

Cleats or studs gives these shoes their famous name. They help the footballers to have a better grip on the ground even in wet weather. Football is a game that requires speed to run all over the pitch making scores. Metallic cleats are usually the best on a softer ground and rubber is good for hard grounds. The mid sole should have enough power to hold the feet steadily without breaking apart. Likewise, the heel must be comfortable and not too high to put pressure on the body and the spine.

Nonslippery laces

pink shoesLaces help the players to fasten the shoes to a comfortable position. More so, the football cleats should be slightly bigger than the feet to avoid strain to the toes. Laces should be made of a material which is not slippery as the shoes will be used under strain. The players do not have time to keep fastening them, and also they need to be safe from accidents.

The best designs

The designs vary with brands, but all should put some factors into considerations. In fact, the reputable football cleats manufacturers have no challenge fulfilling these designs;

  • Light in weight – to allow players to run comfortably without straining the feet
  • Boot style – better than low cut to protect the ankle joint
  • Well padded – the inner parts especially the collar should be well padded for comfort and protection
  • Breathable – as discussed earlier the upper material must have pores to breathe during the game.

What Is Rhinoplasty

woman face

Rhinoplasty, also referred to as nose job, has become one of the most common cosmetic procedures. People choose to undergo rhinoplasty for various purposes which could include cosmetic, reconstruction or health reasons. For some individuals, a nose job is carried out to enhance their overall appearance, get rid of aging signs, make their faces equally symmetrical, and others do the procedure to correct deformities and defects which may be caused by trauma or an injury. People who have breathing problems may also undergo the procedure as a remedy to their problem.

What do you expect during the procedure?

A rhinoplasty may be done through a general or local anesthesia. General anesthesia involves you inhaling the anesthesia via an intravenous line. This kind of anesthesia brings your whole body to a state of unconsciousness. A breathing tube is required if you undergo general anesthesia.

  • girl with long hairLocal anesthesia, on the other hand, involves numbing only the part to be involved in the procedure. Outpatients are fit for this kind of anesthesia whereby they are injected with a pain-numbing medicine into the nasal tissue and sedated with a medicine via an intravenous line. This makes them woozy but not fully asleep. After the doctor numbs you, depending on your specific needs, you may receive either of the following techniques:
  • Open surgery. During this procedure, the doctor makes an incision from the inside and goes ahead to reach the cartilage for him to separate nostrils. This makes it easy to reach the bone and cartilage requiring correction.
  • Closed surgery. Similar to the above case, the surgeon does the incision from the inside but then he removes cartilage outside out of the nose, reshapes it from outside and then returns it back. For this technique, you can be sure that there will be no visible scars formed, but you need to ensure that the surgeon is an experienced one.
  • Nasal implant: this technique involves inserting implants inside the nose for augmentation of various areas. It could be done through either the closed or open surgery techniques. The implants to be inserted into your nose may be cartilage grafts, synthetic biocompatible materials or natural bones implants.

    After the procedure

    woman eating What follows after the operation is inserting dressings into the nostrils for a day or so. This is to keep the wall between the air passages stable. For the next one week, a metallic or plastic splint is placed over your nose. This is for ensuring that the nasal bone shape is maintained. A few days after the surgery may also require you to keep your head elevated and stay still. For almost two weeks, you can expect to live with some swellings and bruises, but cold compresses and painkillers may ease this.

Benefits You Will Enjoy From Visiting A Chiropractor


There are incredible health benefits of seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. It does not matter whether you are visiting him with a specific problem to be fixed or you just want to improve your overall health. It is important that you keep your spine and nervous system healthy for there are very many health benefits accruing to this. Going for regular chiropractic care is taking a more positive approach to your health well-being.

Benefits you will enjoy from visiting a chiropractor regularly

Elated moods

Perhaps it sounds funny that chiropractic makes you happier, but it is the mere truth as research confirms that. It does so by balancing your body hormones: decreasing hormones such as cortisol (bad hormones) while increasing the level of good hormones such as norepinephrine and dopamine. This goes a long way in improving how your brain works and how you feel. It is the same reason why people suffering from anxiety and depression are advised to undergo chiropractic care as it has been proved to help them.

Better sleep

The truth is that there is a large number of people who experience chronic sleeping disorder while others do not get to sleep well all days of the week. For example, 62% of Americans sleep a few nights in a week. This means that most people are despairing to have a better sleep every night.

woman sleeping om bedIt is common sense that good sleep at night contributes to better health. How does chiropractic help you to get a better sleep? Going for regular chiropractic care helps to ease the pain and anxiety of spinal misalignments which interfere with your sleep patterns. This has been confirmed through a double-blind study conducted in 2005, which showed that people had improved sleep patterns after undergoing the treatment.

Reduced flus and colds

One of the benefits of chiropractic care according to research is strong and improved immune system. Of the individuals involved in the study, the ones who underwent this care had a 200% greater immune system than those who did not have it all. It goes without saying that improved immune system implies lesser infections and disease attacks, hence people who visit their chiropractor frequently do not struggle with flu and colds as much as others do.
Improve posture

smiling woman with long hairIf you are looking for an expert to identify the problem at the root of poor posture, go to a chiropractor. They know how to do this by analyzing spinal curvatures and structural alignment. After the analysis, they undertake chiropractic adjustments which restore proper posture, removes any irritation from soft tissues surrounding the vertebra and the nerves that exit between them, hence making your body function optimally.…